Web Counter Frequently Asked Questions

I followed the directions, so how come my counter shows a "Don't panic" image instead of the counter?

Go through the following checklist. If you don't see your solution, send us a note with your question.

  1. Did you alter the code at all? If so, the counter might not work properly. Paste the code in exactly as you copied it and try it again.
  2. Are you using an online web builder? Our counter script has to access your page where the counter appears in order for it to work. If you use an online web page builder, a typical tool available through a free web host, the script cannot access your page and so it will give you the "Don't Panic" message. Once your counter is on your public site, the message should go away, it just won't show while you're working on it in your web builder.

How do I make the counter code XHTML compliant?

I'm glad you asked! We've done most of the work for you already. Just cut the the the <style> tag and everything inside the tag and paste it in the head of your web page. Strict XHTML requires all of your styles to be declared in your <head> tag. Better yet, stick the styles in the <style> tag in your external stylesheet file. Don't worry, the counter will still work after you make these adjustments.

I have a really cool idea for an web counter style, do you want to hear it?

Of course! Just send us a message with your idea, and hopefully we will get a chance to put it together.

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