Navigate whirlwind tour:

Navigate is a module that adds non-intrusive navigation tools for site administrators, including customized ajax-based site search, a favorite widget and a collapsible menu widget. The Super Nav module was my first stab at this kind of tool, and Navigate is basically the second, improved version.

The best way to demonstrate what Navigate does is through a video demo, so I put together a 3 minute whirlwind tour of Navigate here: There is a also a longer video on that page demonstrating additional features not covered in the tour.

Navigate tackles the main issues that Super Nav addressed without some of it's trappings, while adding in an API for widget building. Here's a quick list of the main features:

  • Widget-based toolset: Widgets can be re-used, customized and re-sorted, so each user can build their own set of navigation tools using the supplied widgets.
  • Nearly everything in Navigate is ajax-based, so you can quickly build or edit a widget set without having to leave the page you're on.
  • Navigate comes with four powerful widgets:
    • Search: Search menu items or content. Search content by title or by using Drupal's built-in search engine. Set which content types to search. Search results are fetched via ajax, so you don't ever loose your spot or waste time on page re-loads.
    • Favorites: Create shortlists of your most visited pages. Re-order favorites using simple drag-n-drop, and delete them.
    • Menu: Select a parent menu, and the menu widget will generate a collapsible menu based on the item you choose.
    • Custom: Add arbitrary custom code, based on user input filter permissions
  • Hides nicely: When minimized, Navigate is reduced to quarter-circle in the upper left corner of the screen, allowing themers to see the layout as others would without the clutter of administrative tools.
  • Light performance impact: Navigate uses a cache to save the state of a users' widget set, so it keeps a shallow footprint.
  • Widgets are modules and Navigate supplies some powerful API functionality so widget developers don't have to waste time on integration.

I'm hoping to put together some documentation on the Navigate widget API soon.

This module requires the Jquery Update Module 5.2 to bring jquery up to version 1.2.

Additional Navigate features:

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