PPC Search Engine Results May One Day Rule as King

PPC Search Engine Results May One Day Rule as King

How long until all search engines are PPC?

The world's major search engines have gradually been introducing different forms of advertisements into their result pages over the last several years, and sometimes I wonder how long it will be before they become entirely PPC search engines.

The trend is there. PPC (Pay Per Click) is the most common way for search engines to monitize their services. PPC advertisements are commonly found on the side and very top of search engine result pages. The PPC search engine industry is huge, and is continually growing as more and more businesses start to advertise through PPC search engines.

Eventually the PPC space on search engines will be saturated

As more and more businesses advertise on PPC search engine space, the prices for advertisements will be continually driven up, making it a more and more profitable business. Search engines like Google have found other ways to weild the power of PPC through their AdSense program, where advertisements are placed on other web sites.

Even though the web is continually growing, and so therefore is the potential advertising space, but there's still one way that search engines can ride the PPC train to even greater profits: by cutting out natural search results alltogether and having only paid-for search results.

That seems pretty unlikely, do you really think all search engines will become soley PPC?

I don't think we're going to see the PPC search engine progression and a huge shift. Rather, over time the amount of space on search engine result pages that is dedicated to PPC will steadily increase. Soon we'll be seeing ads on the bottom of the result pages. Then interspersed throughout.

Perhaps at some point the search engines will integrate natural results and PPC results so seamlessly that we won't be able to see the difference between them. At this point, we won't know which links are ads and which are natural. As the demand for PPC space grows, more and more of these links will become paid for until at some point natural results disappear altogether.

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